Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snip Snip

Well today, I'm in the surgery ward of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. My 8 year old son is getting circumcised at a hospital where the acronym is CHOP! What? An 8 year old? Yes. He has phimosis of the penis. That is when the foreskin won't pull back. Circumcision is not the only way to treat phimosis, but it was what's best for MY family. They tried to circumcise him when he was a baby, but his foreskin was too tight to successfully do it. So here we are again, trying to get it done. The doctors here are really great, they did everything they could to make us and my son feel comfortable. Saying goodbye to him as they rolled him out was heartbreaking. He is to come out of it in about 45 minutes to an hour. I have no worries, i have God on my side and people's prayers at my back.
 photo 737650_girl_with_a_cat_.jpg Other than that, things have been pretty normal around here (As normal as normal can be under my branch of life). Till I talk to you soon. Oh and remind me, I found some pictures of tichels I'd like to share that i thought were wonderfully feminine and would complement any woman. PhotobucketPhotobucket

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