Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Visiting churches

I met this one young lady and her husband one day and I asked them what church they went to. I thought the woman was Mennonite it turns out they were Brethren which is kind of the same but not. So they invited me to church. It was lovely. One example of how they are different is that they say the "Our Father" after every major prayer. They also bow when they pray which is common in anabaptist churches, just not mine in particular. I also met a woman who goes to a church of God in Christ Mennonite church (also known as the Holdemans). I've heard some things about that denomination, but they were very nice to me. Their women have to have black bun covers which gets covered by a black veil on Sundays. And they all have to wear black shoes. Sunday school was women only (like mine) but taught by a man which was interesting. So I've been "church hopping" but there is no place like home. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos PhotobucketPhotobucket

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