Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is been a awful long time since I wrote this blog. It's been about a year. So much has happened I feel like is almost a fairytale. Not all the wonderful kind either. I don't even know if there are any more followers to the blog. The only reason I'm able to continue it is because I got myself an iPhone 4s and it takes dictation. Sometimes I feel guilty and having such a high-tech cell phone but the benefits are outstanding. I'm able to track my calendar, read e-books, and basically stay connected because I don't have the internet on my computer. My life has gone thru some major changes. I no longer live in New York City, I hauled myself and my family a couple hours away to Reading, Pennsylvania. It is not where I wanted to be, but it is as close as I can get with my current income. I still would love to move my family into Lancaster County where there is more fresh air, more open space and a more peaceful life. We are currently in one of the most crime filled cities, and I'm not just saying that. I've already been assaulted by a man when I was in the library. The library of all places! But I digress....
One of these days we will be able to be in the country like we want to,but until then, we will trust that God has us where he wants us.
Well this is all for now I don't know if there's anybody out there in blogland reading this, but if there is, hello, and if there's not ...well writing is good for the soul anyway.