Sunday, March 28, 2010

Without skipping a beat

My husband was reading the story of Samson and Delilah to my children. I'm on the computer desk listening to classical music while i crochet and I had a thought. "Can we have a bunny?" I asked him. Now it's not because Easter is near, cause i know that ALOT of people buy bunnies for Easter then abandon them after when they realize that a bunny is actually a living being that needs to be taken care of a not just a toy.
I've been wanting a bunny for a long time, even before the dogs. I just think they are so beautiful and innocent and precious.
So when i asked him, "Can we have a bunny?" without even skipping a beat in the story,
he looked up and said, "Uh, no". And then continued on with the story as if I had not even asked the question!

I think 2 kids and 3 dogs is enough for him.....but i want a bunny!








Awwww, look at the pretty wittle face!



Awwww, I'd share my tomatoes with one anytime!





The Road Less Traveled said...

my girls want bunnies too. They already have their names picked out, Kiwi and day when we get land... :-D
I agree with you they are so sweet, when I was growing up we had two bunnies, not at the same time though. Charcoal and bingo...Bingo was my favorit but charcoal was our fist. Oh memories... *U*

Kristy... said...

Thanks for stopping by today!!!!
Come back again soon..

P.S. I want a bunny too :)

Lisa said...

We have four buns, Bridget! Two are Lionheads (small, dwarf breed) named Ricky and Lucy. The other two are English angoras (like the big huge white fluffy picture you posted!!!). We just adopted them about a month ago. Much more work for them...they are fiber animals and need brushing all the time. They were matted when we got them and we are still slowly cutting the mats out. We're considering a little family fiber business with them, but one step at a time! As far as smell...the little ones are no big deal, but the angoras are definitely more stinky! They'll be moving outside to the garage very soon!
Love, love, love them though! Sooooo soft and sweet!

Mary R. said...

We had a little bunny that lived in the house with us and roamed freely! His little poopoo pellets were easy to clean up after. He ate lettuce and stuff like that out of our hands! We called him Snoopy, and he was a half-white, half-black Dutch rabbit that never got very big.

Jean said...

oh my goodness, I could just cry because they are sooooooooo cute! Bridget, you have the BEST collection of photographs to illustrate your posts.

As cute as they are, particularly baby bunnies, I understand from folks I've known they can be a bit of upkeep. We get lots of the little critters running across the grasses outside. That has to suffice for my desire for more "wild life." :-)

Take care,

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

See? It's not just me who likes bunnies!!! Just for the heck of it I went to the pet store to look at them. They wanted 35.00 for a bunny, no matter the breed or size. 35.00!!! for something the size of my hairbrush! lol

Has anyone had dogs around bunnies? I'd hate for Louie to let me have a bunny only for my dogs to attack it. :(

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing those photos! Bunnies are the most adorable little creatures... just so long as they live in an outdoors area. Indoor bunnies tend to get a bit stinky. = )

Mary R. said...

Wow, Bridget! That's expensive! No, I would not let a dog near a bunny!

Krystal said...

"Uh. No"



A Voice in the Wilderness said...

Aww, they ARE cute! I had a bunny named "Doc" before. They are so fluffy and cuddly, but I wish they had diapers for bunnies >_<