Friday, March 5, 2010

Week in Dresses Day 4 and 5!!!! Oh and some fun in between!

Wow, am i behind!

Day 4

A jumper and turtleneck that i got from Salvation Army. Bought on different days at equal prices! I think i paid 6 dollars total. I like this alot cause it's slimming. lmbo!


Also on this day, we were playing the game Sorry. We love playing it together! My pastor's wife bought it for my daughter's birthday. It was the BEST gift ever!


You can see my daughter cupping her face hoping that she doesn't get knocked off the board by her brother!


We now interrupt this game for a little pet interference!

Day 5!

I'm holding the skirt like this so you can see how full it is. I love this skirt! It's my favorite, bought from Goodwill.


And here we are in the kitchen cooking.

And part of me regrets putting this up, but i just can't help myself!
Excuse our "french" accents!



Beautifully Veiled said...

You are too funny!!! I love the video. We had GREAT thrift stores in Atlanta, I'm sure that you do too! I'm learning that you have to go very often here to find anything. You are right, the jumper is slimming! And your vest is beautiful! I almost always wear a vest -- so I'm noticing others! Thanks for all the family pictures too!

Lisa said...

Hi Bridget!
Loved your photos! Yes, the jumper looks very pretty on you! Loved your and your daughter are so cute. What a sweetie she is! O.K., so I'll ask a silly question...I only ask because we love to do accents around here. British and Southern are favorites!

Mary R. said...

Ok, I'm back following, using my first name and last initial this time! Think I got my blog woes fixed!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

The thrift stores here have to be scouted constantly for good stuff too! And it's hard for me because only until recently did I find a salvation army that constantly has plus-size clothes! I wonder if they get their shipments from weight watchers donaters.

Lisa- you didn't ask your question! lol

Mary- you had me scared for a second. You kept coming and going. lol. I gotta put you on a low jack!

Anonymous said...

Simply precious, Mrs. B!!! Loooooved the accents and the back-and-forth French & Spanish of your darling daughter.

What I have most loved about this tour is the opportunity to be given a glimpse inside the lives of other women who place home and family as a priority, beautifully expressing their spiritual convictions.

with sincere appreciation, Jean

ps: You are NEVER behind :-)

The Road Less Traveled said...

OH...I love, love, love the video!! the accents are great!

I"m so glad to see you post more pic of yourself, you are beatiful and you found out my little secret...(jumpers and slenderizing) so I wear them all the time :-D

Hey go check out my page I found an awsome site with lots of video's on eating Raw...I even tried a recipe already...yummy...

Grandma Becky said...

Love your blog!! I like skirts myself. I have a couple special ones and feel so good in them. Wear to church and usually most of that day. I wear jeans to work and the rest of the week. But still loving the Lord. Thanks for sharing from your cafe! I made mac and cheese with 3 different cheeses in it for my hubby and my lunch today. God bless!!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Nice to meet you Grandma Becky! MMMmmm mac and cheese sounds wonderful. I like your blog. Pretty pictures. :)
Have a great day.