Tuesday, March 9, 2010

O Jesus Jesus Dearest Lord!


O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord!
Forgive me if I say,
For very love, Thy sacred Name
A thousand times a day.

I love Thee so I know not how
My transports to control;
Thy love is like a burning fire
Within my very soul.

O wonderful that thou shouldst let
So vile a heart as mine
Love thee with such a love as this
And made so free with thine

For thou to me art all in all
My honor and my wealth
My hearts desire, my body's strength
My soul's eternal health

What limit is there to this love?
Thy flight, where wilt thou stay?
On, On! Our Lord is sweeter far today than yesterday!

-Frederick W. Faber (1814-1863)




Jean said...

This I like. Beautiful poetry and charming illustration. You are obviously feeling the excitement of spring! The blog looks great. One can almost hear a robin's song!

Hope all is well with you, Bridget.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Can you tell I'm ready for spring? lol. I despise cold weather.