Thursday, February 11, 2010


Has anyone ever heard of I love it. It has TONS of FREE curriculum lessons as well as some well worth paying for. You can buy single units, even single lessons! It's outstanding. I highly recommend it. One of my favorites is from Amanda Bennett. Definitely look her lessons up! My children really enjoyed her Autumn Treasures study. It was great. Anywhoo, have fun!




The Road Less Traveled said...

CurrClick is one of my favorites too, I love it when they offer free lapbooks, not the cheapy one either!

Love the snowman pic of your family, did they build him?

We have had a few days of snow here but not enough to build a big guy like that. More like little miniture snowmen for miniture towns lol

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hey! How are you? No, they didn't make the snowman. I can only imagine how long it took for the people who DID make it!

CurrClick is soooo good. I got so much from them.

Well, if your kids are like mine, then they'd take the miniature snowmen inside and put them in the freezer to preserve. We had a snowball in the freezer last year for over a month that way!