Monday, December 14, 2009

Miami Boys Choir

Even though it is in Hebrew, I still love this song. You can feel the emotion from these boys!



LisaShaw said...

Came by to wish you and your family a beautiful CHRISTmas and New Year.

God bless you...much love.

prayzgod said...

Hello Mrs. Bridget. Nice to "meet" you. :-) I came here via a Christian headcovering ring. I'm finding it hard to find headcovering women online who aren't Catholic, Orthodox, or Muslim. So your site is so far one of the few I've found where I see a sister in Christ, with like beliefs to my own. :-) So, like I said - nice to "meet" you.

Feel free to stop by and say "hi" on my blog, at .

I recently started covering, not because I believe I'm commanded to, but because I have the desire to. I'm still studying 1 Cor. 11. :-)

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hello prayzgod, i have been to your site before, a long time ago. It was good to see it again. I hope you have a blessed New Year!