Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mennonite Church

I visited a Mennonite church on Sunday and it was fabulous! I had such a good time! We sang hymns (in harmony!), and prayed and i had the great fellowship afterward. It is so funny how i felt so welcome even though i am so different from them, but when i go to churches that are more culturally and racially like me i did not even get the same feeling! It just proves that God transcends all race and background!

I hope to visit them again soon. I had so much fun.



Happy Hermit said...

Awesomeness , I have had my eyes on trying an old mennonite and a NEW mennonite church Both are about an equeal distance away from me. I am just so very shy I am am really afraid of my differences. I have been so much of the world , yet have become so far from it , and then well I am terrified of the cultural / racial differences. *sighs* someday I hope to overcome my fear. Sometimes I wish I had someone to travel with . I am glad you had fun. Someday I really hope to conquer my fear.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Trust me, I was so scared in the beginning. I was shaking! Then as the service went on, i calmed. One of the ladies was nice enough to appoint herself to sit with me so that i wouldn't be completely alone.
They are such a nice people that i have no doubt you will be accepted as well! Especially since you are so nice!

The Road Less Traveled said...

How wonderful! I always wanted to visit an Mennonite church but alas we have none in our little town that is growing.

I love their way they live their lives...simple...and a very deep trust in Yahweh.

It is true Yahweh transcends all races and backgrounds!

The Road Less Traveled said...

That's great! I always wanted to visit one, but alas there are none here in our little growing town.

I admire their way of life, simple, plain, and a deep trust in Yahweh.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

I didn't think there were any near me either! Since this is a homechurch, they have no website, or directory or anything! I found them by fate! lol.

If more people trusted in Yah, then there would be no racism! I'm afraid that eventhough i am a woman of God, i still have to deal with racism and judgment in general which makes me wary of groups of people i don't know, no matter what the race.

Marcia Wilwerding said...

We have met with several Mennonite people over the years and find a kindred spirit with them. Some are very dear friends of ours. In fact, my mother married an elderly Mennonite man about 19 years ago, and my sisters and I love him dearly.

I believe you will find they are very internationally minded. Race means nothing to them. It's the heart and its relationship to Christ which really matters. They are generally hard workers, especially in helping the needy. They take their charity work very seriously.

I personally do not agree with some of their political views, but "to each his own." :)

I would encourage you to seek them out if you are hungry for love and fellowship. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Hermit said...

I found the old menonite church by wondering down streets (more like dirt roads) near my house. I was admiring a nice garden full of onions and up popped a menonite church.

I may just step in someday. It really seems like its been burned in my mind from day one.

i found this site
that has a directory (in pdf) the old menonite church's do not seem to be on it although , just the new ones.

I grew up surrounded by menonites as a child. I guess that may be why I keep being pulled toward it.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hello Marcia, nice to meet you, thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, they are so welcoming. It's great. I don't know of their political views. I never asked. lol. That doesnt matter anyway.

Happy Hermit- Thanks for the link, that's so awesome. Great resource and thanks for sharing!

Mrs. White said...

How nice! It is a blessing to feel welcome when visiting a new church.

You have a lovely family.

Mrs. White in Vermont