Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is Advent a Catholic tradition?

I remember the Advent wreath from when i used to go to Catholic mass. Every week the priest would light a candle. Now when i look up Christmas curriculum to help me teach the kids about Christmas, i keep reading about advent. As a Christian, should i celebrate it?




The Road Less Traveled said...

Hey Bridget! I got your text message, two days latter, lol! How was your dinner? I hoped everything turned out as you hoped.

I tried to text back, but it's to frustrating typing out all the words on my phone....ugh!

I like your background,,,I love snow, we are hoping we see some here this year.

Well be blessed and hope to hear from you soon!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

It barely snowed in New York the last couple of years. I'm used to blizzards in NY, and it hasn't happened. It hasn't even snowed on Christmas in years. I love the snow (but not the cold-contradiction), but only when it's fresh. Not slushy or anything. hahaha.

My husband burnt the turkey!! But as per his request i can not post it! lol! But it was still good!