Sunday, October 4, 2009

What is lapbooking? Homeschool help needed.

What is lapbooking? What's a lapbook? I thought it was a binder but I think i'm wrong.
So many things in homeschooling, it's amazing!



The Road Less Traveled said...

Lapbooks are a great learning activity and is perfect for elementary children...your two are perfect age for them, however even highschool student can use them.

here are several sites that will help you get started:

this site is great! look on the left sidebar to walk you through:

Once you get a feel for it the go to this site for FREE yes, I said FREE lapbooks! If you were to buy lapbooks they run between $10.00-$35.00 these ladies are wonderful and they make awsome lapbooks. (I've made a couple posted on there too :-)

This should get you started. My girls love lapbooking, we just don't do it as much as we use to.

Happy HomeSchooling and Lapbooking!

Lainie said...

Bridget, if you ended up getting MFW 1st grade (not sure what year you ordered) there are "lapbookish" things already built in.

Just so you know-- it is a complete curriculum. I would hesitate before adding anything to it-- especially your first year of homeschooling.

It is easy to overwhelm yourself and your kids with too much "stuff"--keep it simple :)

The Road Less Traveled said...

with lapbook all subjects can be put into one nice book that your child made.

Bible, math, science, SS, art, reading, phonics, penmanship and so much more!

It's really worth looking into because you don't need a curr the lapbooks are the curr.

I would suggest you join some yahoo homeschool groups and begin to get more info on homeschooling. It shouldn't be a drugory but a joy, your children should look forward to it. It isn't like public school. Relax and enjoy the journey with your children.

...they call me mommy... said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

A lapbook can be put into really any form you want it's basically a book about a topic with flaps, mini books, drawings, facts, etc about that topic...for instance, my Annie has done one on giraffes, zebras, and recently ducks...the Internet is a HUGE help as you can print off all the stuff (the flaps, mini book etc) you need for FREE! Here are some of my favorite sites...

We just tape construction paper together to make our could most certainly put them in binders or use WHATEVER...they are pretty flexible! :)

Hope that helps!

Mozer said...

Jimmie is the queen of lapbooking and explains it well in the article above. She has several other related articles on lapbooking that are helpful too.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Wow, I didn't realize lapbooks were so popular!

Lainie- the MFW 1st grd is coming by UPS on Thursday or Friday. But i thought that i could use lapbooks on things not covered in it, or things i really want to get into. Like i LOVE fall, Native Americans, Thanksgiving and harvest and i want to delve into it with the kids!

Thanks Amy it's not like we don't have construction paper here! lol.

Thanks for the link Mozer, I'm gonna check it out!