Friday, October 16, 2009

Tell me how to teach my children not to want

How do i teach my children that toys and "stuff" aren't everything? It's months away from Christmas and my children are already telling me loads and loads of things they want. I keep telling them that there are children out there with no gifts at all and they should be grateful for whatever they get, but i don't think they are getting the message. What can i do?



Lainie said...

• Model contentment for them. With children, more is "caught" than is "taught."

• Limit exposure to advertising. We don't watch TV except a little bit of the news. Shows geared to children ( and magazines, etc...) all are heavily marketed to by advertising agencies

• Have a heart to heart with them and ask them why they want the things they want. Is there a bigger heart issue behind it that can be directed to Scripture?

• Find ways to give to others that your children can help with. It's hard to simply stop a behavior. It's better to replace an unwanted behavior with a wanted one.

• At your nightly prayers or even at dinner as a family, have everyone in the family (Mom and Dad too) express gratitude to God. A grateful spirit diminishes the "Want" monster in all of us.

• If there are legitimate things they would like and have good reasons for wanting them, help them go through their things to find items to donate to others and bless someone else.

• Above all, remind them that not will not withhold a good thing from them. If it is good (truly good) for them, they will have it because God is good and every good and perfect gift is from above.

Hope that helps :)

The Road Less Traveled said...

Excellent comment from Lainie!!
If your diligent with her suggestion you should see a big difference in them.

We don't have a TV on in our home so our girls aren't bombarded with advertisement directed towards which help so much!!
They also know we just don't have any extra $$ for toys. We have invested in yarn, knitting needles, sewing machine, crochet needles, embroidery thread, hoops, beads, crayons, paper, paint ect to keep them busy and creative.

Our society is geared to cultivate a coveteous/greedy spirit...this world pulls strong on the hearts of our chldren but Yahshua said he has overcome and we too are overcomer in Him :-D

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Oh wow, you guys gave some really good suggestions. I don't think my hubby will let us get rid of the tv's though. We have one in our room and one in the kid's room. But i do monitor what they watch. They only watch educational or Christian cartoons. (At least when i'm home. My hubby likes them to watch old shows that i somewhat are ok with like the Jetsons)

I hope they understand that I'm not there to hurt them. They are still so young. I was given everything as a child, i feel bad if i don't try to do the same for them.

I know they keep busy with paint and books and love it. I'm going to add more of that. I tried to teach my girl to crochet, but she gets so frustrated and cries that I just want to wait till she's like 8. (She's 6)

The Road Less Traveled said...

yeah, when I first wanted to get rid of the tv's (yes we had them in all the rooms) dh said well let's just keep the main one and the one in our took six years before he realized the damage it can bring. The word says we shouldn't bring any abonminable thing into our home lest we be's the commerials to me anyway that are the worst...I fully understand were your coming from.

About crochet, yeah I can see where it would be frustrating, eight is a good age to teach crochet, sewing ect. Have you thout about a latch rug? Those are fun, but it still might be a bit old for her, I don't recall the age for them?

HOpe you find what works for your family, just pray about it Yahweh will show you what you can do to help your children.

Have a wonderful Shabbot!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

I think God would have to personally come down and convince my hubby to get rid of the tv's. But then again, that is what prayer is for right?

My daughter is 6, my son is almost 5.
I don't know what a latch rug is....enlighten me. :P