Friday, July 10, 2009

We now interupted Friday services for this special announcement

Poop! AHHHHHHHHHHH! We were having a grand ole' time in church, when we smelled something. So i ran my son to the bathroom, and nothing. He sat on the toilet for a while, and still nothing. So we returned to our seats. Then..... it happened. We smelt it. He pooped in his pants.

I'd like to pause here for a moment and tell you that my son will be 5 years old in November, and has just understood what potty training means. He has been without a diaper for a week. It has been a great achievement. This is his first "poop" accident.

We did not have any spare pants or underwear and to make it worse, he smeared it over his legs as we were taking off his pants. Talk about emergency!!! 10 minutes and lots of wet paper towels later, he ran out of the church bathroom in front of the whole congregation with just a shirt on. NOTHING ELSE.

I packed up our stuff and went home. Luckily my daughter and I had decided to wear really long scarves on our heads to church today and i used them as blankets for him as he rode home in the stroller. God provides.

I'm still upset tho. I hate having to leave church because of my kids. It has happened so many times for one reason or another. It has gotten easier as they have gotten older, but it is SO hard to worship and fellowship when you have to stop every few minutes to take them to the bathroom, or to calm/quiet them down, or correct them, or even chase after them in the sanctuary.....

Please tell me i am not the only one who has dealt with this.
This makes me want to consider homechurch. And being that there are no likeminded people in my area, it would be a congregation of one.


The Road Less Traveled said...

ahhh, memories...not of my children but of my childhood. My mother said I had an 'attachment' to my poop?? I didnt' want to give it up, five years old and still keeping it refusing to flush it??? I don't know why? lol to this day she still tells me stories... will I never live them down? LOL

by the way I sent you an e-mail with a great teaching I believe bless you :-)

YahChna in TN

Love Abounds At Home said...

No you aren't the only one who has ever dealt with this. When my kids were little, they would always have "poop" accidents. At first I would ignore it until it started to smell. Then I learned the hard way that ignoring it only makes it worse.
I remember crying in the bathroom at church because of an accident. Those were the days.....
But I never had one run away with just a t-shirt on. Hang in there mom. They do eventually become fully potty trained and wouldn't be caught dead with an accident.

Krystal said...

I was JUST thinking this morning about how I used to go through that very thing during church! I'd be trying to worship, and the kids would be crawling all over each other, opening my purse, writing in the Bible, farting, etc... Ugh! Now, we encourage them to sing and dance during praise and worship, and that keeps them occupied to an extent.

However, when my son (now 4) was potty training, and he would poop in his underwear, we would tell him sternly, "NO POO-POO in your underwear. Okay?" Well, we went upstairs one day, and saw, smack in the middle of his bedroom floor, a poop pile. Nice n fresh.

I guess he figured, "Well, I didn't do it IN my underwear, so it must be okay."


Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Krystal- ewww. lol. I have had that experience.

YahChna-Your family reunions must be hilarious! You must have so much stories!

Sandra- Believe me, i cried! I can't wait till he is trained completely. My daughter did not have this problem. She trained herself!