Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick update- Sick. Again. Please Pray.

We have strep throat again. My kids and I all have fever and vomiting. My husband is unfazed. *Sigh*
See you when I'm better.

Here is a few things to keep you entertained until i return.


You gotta watch the whole video!






Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Hi Mrs. Bridget, I really admire and respect you and I am inspired by your passion for your faith. Do you have any posts written about covering your hair? I would reeeaaallly love to add a link to your blog in my head-covering blog carnival. I can see that you are passionate about this choice you have made, and I thought if you had anything written, or would like to write something regarding this subject, I'd be delighted to add your link... I am keeping the carnival open until Friday. So if you want to, drop me your link. :)
Thank you in advance.

Martha said...

Oh no, I will definitely keep your sweet family in my prayers :( I remember my family used to get sick every month and we discovered that our house our mold. Be sure to check out your home for mold and even make sure your water is okay to drink :) a tiny thing like that can really delay your immune system from fully working.

I love that picture, a mama hen sitting on a puppy? How cute!!

Krystal said...

Sick again! Oh, no!

Doesn't it just make ya mad when the husbands just coast through and never get sick?!?!? It makes you wanna play some mean practical joke on them, like... hmmm, I don't know... putting sandpaper on their toilet seat, or putting a whoopee coushin on the driver's seat of their car.

(*Darts eyes around nervously*)

But I wouldn't really know anything about that.

(Blank stare.)

At any rate, that yodeling girl certainly didn't have strep throat, did she? She sounded really good!

LisaShaw said...

Praying for God's healing over you and your children in the Name of Jesus!

Feel better.

I enjoyed the photos and the video. Those orca whales were close up. Wow!

Lots of love.

Carrie said...

Oh geez! You just keep getting knocked down! We will pray for your healing and for protection against further sickness!!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hajar- I haven't posted about me covering my hair because it never came up. My change from part time covering to full time is so small an issue compared to some things that I am trying to find a way to post that it kinda sits on the back burner. I eventually will post about it, but not right now.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hey guys, thanks for the prayer. Ya know Martha, it probably is mold or something. A year ago, there was a problem with mold in the basement apartment. But it's not like they can just tear open the walls of my apartment! lol. But we are moving soon (at the end of summer) so we'll be out of here soon.

Krystal- you are a mischievous thing aren't you!!!!! Your husband must have his hands full with you!

Hey Lisa- Isn't that vid crazy? To be so close? And i love the penguin, too cute.

Carrie- when i get knocked down, God eventually brings us back up! lol. Thanks for the prayers.