Monday, June 29, 2009

Ladies, i need your help with the topic of legalism.

I need your help with something. Particularly from those Christian women who have been labeled "legalistic". A friend of mine, who for a couple of years was my Christian mentor in an Assemblies of God church that i attended a few years ago, started screaming legalism at me when i told her about my lifestyle now. When i became saved it was in an AOG church that is very liberal. But God changed my heart on some matters that don't seem to make sense to those people who do not have the same convictions as me. I always considered her my friend. And it honestly hurt my feelings. My husband thinks i should just let it go, but i think i should tell her how i feel. What do you think? I need your advice especially from those who have been called legalistic before. How did you handle it? Should i tell her how i feel?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome a new arrival to our family!!

After the graduation we went to an animal shelter to retrieve a dog that i had applied for. She's 8 years old and no one wanted her because she was older. I immediately fell in love with her the other day when i saw her for the first time. God reminded me how i was not wanted by my birth mother and was given to a good family. I wanted the same for her. She's so precious.
Presenting: Princess!!


Isn't she gorgeous?
More pictures to come!!!!

Happy Graduation!!!!

My son graduated on Friday!!! He went to Heartshare First Step Preschool. I was so happy. Heartshare is a special ed service. They have wonderful teachers, therapies, and programs. It is free to eligible individuals. It is so great! My son made such progress from when he first arrived there. He arrived there 2 years ago barely speaking, and now i can't shut him up!!! His sensory problems have lessened GREATLY and he is able to interact with kids his own age much better. I truly will miss the school and all the staff. It was just incredible.

Here are pictures of his graduation. Sorry about the quality.

He is not happy about the graduation because he does not like to be in front of people watching him who he doesn't know. I was the same as a child.

"I am NOT gonna sing or dance!"

Woohoo!! I'm free!!! Lets go home!

I love you daddy!

I love you Jasmin!

I have so much to tell you!!!

So many things have happened in the last few days that it's a bit overwhelming!!! I'm EXHAUSTED! I don't even know if i should split it up into separate posts or tell you in one LONG post!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A sign i need to lose weight

Most people take cat naps. A few minutes ago, my daughter said i should take a "cow nap".


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh my tooth!

My wisdom teeth are coming in and I'm in SOOOOOOOO much pain. I have actually lost some weight because I haven't been able to chew. I've been having soups. That's all going to be reversed now because I am going to eat some chocolate ice cream (to soothe my mouth of course). :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Automated notice of snapshop on site

This is a copy/paste notice from snapshots which i am using on this blog now. It's just a way to tell you how to turn it off if you don't like it. I like it. I like being able to see a blog screenshot before clicking on the link.

Introducing Snap Shots from

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

The Member of the Wedding

I just finished watching that movie, and I am saddened. It was a great movie, but the part of Berenice Brown was overwhelming for me. She was played by Ethel Waters. The whole movie, i kept my eyes on her. For some reason she reminded me of my mother. When she cried in the movie, I cried. At the end, she made me miss my mother so badly. Right now, all i wish was that my mother was alive. I miss her.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Praise the Lord on His Day!

This is one of my favorite movies, because it is filled with joy. It is a remake of Pollyanna made in 1989. But this song makes me just jump up and Praise the Lord!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick update- Sick. Again. Please Pray.

We have strep throat again. My kids and I all have fever and vomiting. My husband is unfazed. *Sigh*
See you when I'm better.

Here is a few things to keep you entertained until i return.


You gotta watch the whole video!