Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's happened to me?

First of all let me say i hope everyone had a great time on Resurrection Sunday. I had to work, and had the torture to watch all my church brothers and sisters enter and get ready for service as my bus stop is right across the street from my church. :(

Besides that, everything is peachy

My daughter got over her strep, but my son's infection warped into an ear infection, which i ended up catching. I was in so much pain that i barely browsed blogs and i couldn't make myself get up and actually post something.

And my dream of having a spotless no absence record at my job (so that i could get a good shot at a promotion and pay raise and move out of New York) are shot.

My baby boy just got examined for his new pair of glasses. They said he has astigmatism in both of his eyes. :(

Oh and we are in the process of decluttering/destroying our apartment because we are going to move at the end of summer and we are going crazy trying to de-trash (I have alot of saved "what if" items that we need to get rid of).

So basically that's what i've been up to since my last post.

And with that i leave you with... the chicken dance (by the way, my husband actually LOVES this dance- I'm NOT joking).


Krystal said...

Bridget, there are absolutely no words for that video!

The "Tailfeather"?!?!?

Oh, my word!

Martha said...

Awwwwww, poor lil' lady. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope you will completely recover from this whole ordeal :(

That video is beyond words :o)

Lainie said...

I'm gonna come along aside you now and help you Praise Him... Lord I thank You that my brothers and sisters were able to worship You and that I was able to "rejoice with those that are rejoicing."

I praise You for my daughter's health and recovery.

I praise You for allowing me to experience the pain of an ear infection to grow compassion in my heart.

I praise You and trust You with my job knowing "it is You that raises up and puts asunder."

I thank You for Your faithful provision for my family.

I praise and thank You that my son will be getting a new pair of glasses and will be able to see clearly.

I praise for giving me eyes to see what needs to be gotten rid of whether it is stuff in our apartment or thoughts/ideas in my mind.

Lord I thank You for giving me simple joy in a video and a kind and generous heart to share it.

And I praise You for all my bloggy buddies that love me and pray for me.

(The devil hates it when our afflictions lead to praise for our Lord. I hope he leaves you alone now. But if not--keep praising Him!)

Love you!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hey guys, yeah, that dance is very popular in Germany, before it came to America as the story goes. My husband remembers dancing that when he was there.

Thanks for your prayers guys, especially you Lainie.
You made me smile big time. Thanks for reminding me to praise Him in the storm!

Carrie said...


Glad you are feeling better!!