Saturday, January 3, 2009

Prayer Request

Last night my friend Priscilla (who is a single mother) came to me and asked for prayer. She was very depressed. She would not tell me what was wrong. She just kept asking me for prayer. More than once she reminded me to pray for her. As if because since i was a Christian God would hear me and not her. I tried to get her to understand that all she needed to do what accept Jesus, but all i got in reply was a million "I know"s . And a bunch of "just pray for me"s.

So whatever is bothering her, please help me pray that the outcome is God's will. And please help me pray for her salvation. She is one of the most sincere people in my job, and she is one of the only ones who looks past my modest way of dressing, and the fact that I'm Christian and still is my friend. Our differences don't bother her. She still enjoys my friendship, which puts her in the minority in my job. She has been a blessing to me.

Please help me pray for her.


LisaShaw said...


It is your heart for the LORD (Christianity: Christ-like) and your modest dressing that in fact God uses to draw her. It's unfortuante that the other employees don't see/feel the same. It's too their loss not to know you and love you because if they did they would then begin to know/love our LORD who already loves them whether they know it or not. She blesses you but believe that you are blessing her to in Jesus Name.

Precious Abba Father,

We lift Priscilla before You. We know that it is not Your will that any person perish and so we pray for her to humble herself before You and respond with a surrendered heart to the drawing of Your Holy Spirit. We pray that she will confess with her mouth and believe in her heart that Jesus is her Lord and Savior. Touch her dear Lord in only the way that You can we pray we grateful hearts.

Abba Father we lift up Priscilla's situation as a single Mom and whatever it is that she is going through. We pray for Your divine intervention in her situation and that through it she would see and feel Your presence and love and surrender....

I pray Abba for deliverance -- deliverance -- deliverance for Priscilla from everything that holds her in bondage in the Name of Jesus!

I pray for the love, mercy, grace, peace, comfort, strength, wisdom and correction that You provide to us to be provided to her in the Name of Jesus and that she would give You the glory.

May Priscilla's cry from her heart this year be that of be it unto me according to Thy word dear Lord.

Hallelujah! We thank You Abba Father in Jesus Name for hearing and answering our prayers for Priscilla and we give You all the praise and thanksgiving. Our hearts are always so full from Your love and we desire for everyone to know that love You so generously pour out. Thank You Abba in Jesus Name we pray. Amen. Amen. Amen.

We love You Abba Father. We love You our precious Lord Jesus. We love You Holy Spirit. Thy will be done LORD GOD.

LisaShaw said...

And Dear LORD please touch each persons life that Bridget works with. We pray for them to see CHRIST so deeply in Your daughter Bridget that they are drawn to You through her in Jesus Name.

We also ask for Your favor upon Bridget, her husband and children in a special way. We thank You Abba that all things work together for their good because they love You Lord and are called according to Your purpose. Thank You Father again for Your loving kindness in Jesus Name. Amen.

Courtney said...

I will be praying!