Friday, January 9, 2009

Busy and Blogging

I thank Lisa for the award, i don't think i deserved it. Between life and the fact that i am EXHAUSTED from work, i have not been able to finish listing and linking all 15 of the recipients of the award as the rules state. I will be on soon enough with a proper post and all that good stuff. But right now i am soooo tired and need to sleep cause i'm working tonight and i have loads of appointments stacked for next week as i did last week and I'm going crazy looking for paperwork, running late, running for the train, running for the bus, being late for work, keeping my schedule updated, having meetings with teachers, plus sleeping for as long as i can before work (remember my schedule-10pm to 6am). Try working all night just to shower and change to go out cause the rest of the world does things during the day, so all your errands have to be done when you should be sleeping! Of course i could ask my husband to do my errands but you know only a mommy can really do all the technical stuff that goes with the kids. It's bad enough that he cooks and cleans and goes food shopping and the laundry. (Anyone else here sense a horrible role reversal?) Anyway, when my head gets together and I have time I will be back.



LisaShaw said...

I understand Bridget.

I remember the days for a brief time that I worked at night from 9:30pm to 3:30 am. Got home at 4:15 am and laid down until 6 am when everyone got up and I had to begin the day with family, run errands, handle Ministry, etc. so I know how you feel. I pray the strength, peace and comfort of the LORD upon you and a balance for your schedule. Love ya.

S. Belle said...

I hope your schedule will change to a more suitable one for you. By the way, your kids are adorable. You have a beautiful family.