Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow, Joelle just gave me the "fabulous" award. I thought she was joking! lol.
Although i consider myself FAR from fabulous. Maybe fabulous in training....


The rules of this award is to give it to 5 other sisters, and to confess 5 things i am addicted to.

Well lets see..

Sharing Life With Lisa
Brittany Becoming a Mommy
Empowered Traditionalist

My reasons for picking these women will be apparent when you visit them. They are all in different stages of their lives and all are fabulous.

5 things i'm addicted to:

1) The Lord
2) Blogging
3) Chocolate
4) Shopping
5) Soap Operas


Lisa said...


CONGRATULATIONS on the award! Your heart of humility has earned it for sure.

I must also say that I was pleasantly surprised to see my blog as one of the ones you were giving the award to. Thank you so much. We're all fabulous in CHRIST because we're all His daughters.

I will follow the rules and pass it along to five sisters as well.

I really enjoy your blog Bridget. I will definitely also view the blogs you listed as well.

Bless you.

Lainie said...

I never got an award before! Really? Me?

You're gonna make me cry...

Thank you Mrs. G--This is very nice :)

Of course, I'm not surprised you got it since, you know, you're fabulous and all that!

I've said is before, it's nice to know I have a sister in the faith on the East coast.

Thank you again and Lord bless you!

Carrie said...

What the heck? I did see that you gave me an award and I left you a comment thanking you, but blogger must have eaten it! It said something like this:

Thank you Mrs. Bridget! I am so honored to be your bloggy buddy!