Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow and Sleet and present squeezing!


Well today it is snowing, and it is the first real snow storm for NY this season. People are getting all flustered, schools closed (not my son's!), the salt trucks are out and my children will FINALLY get to use their snow sled that my dad bought them 3 years ago! It hasn't really snowed much in the last few years, at least not enough for us to use the sled. When it did snow, it rained quickly after and it was gone! So today they will use the sled!!! WOOOOHOOO! I'm so excited.

OH, did anyone ever tell you that men are like children? I am starting to really believe that! I caught my husband squeezing his present trying to figure out what it is!!!!!!!!!

I will not post what it is here, just in case he wanders by. lol. But come on! Squeezing????

lol. Anyway, happy snow day, and i will post pictures soon!


Brittany said...

Aww yay I love snow !! We don't ever really get any here in Tennessee but last week we got a few inches and it was AWESOME !!
And I have to agree with you on the men being like children thing... I have caught my husband numerous times snooping around the room looking for his present lol. Men are so funny !
I hope all is well. God Bless you !!

LisaShaw said...

I was born and raised in NY and then once married lived 6 yrs in NJ. I don't miss the snow after spending 10 years in VA and now 2 years in Fl but I do miss it's beauty. It was just so hard to have clean up and drive in. I pray for safety and warmth for you and your family my friend.

Your hubby sounds like he's ready for Christmas (smile).

Lots of love.

Carrie said...

My hubs is just like yours!! I won't even put my hubby's presents under the tree because he's always trying to figure out what he's getting! Yesterday, he asked if we could open up our gifts. Um NOOOO!!! He's so funny!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Carrie/Brittany- we should sign up our husbands in "Not Patient with Presents Anonymous" !!!!

Lisa- The mess here is just outrageous. The snow turns to slush and it's wet and icy and yucky. I don't drive, but waiting for the bus in the cold wet outdoors is horrible!