Sunday, December 7, 2008

Poem about marriage and the Lord


I just love this poem and graphic. It is so true.


Carrie said...

Great poem! And definitely true!

Carrie said...

p.s. How are you liking the hair??

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hey Carrie, the hair is definely fun to play with. I am getting better at it. The curling iron is my best friend. lol.

Holli said...

I love this poem. My spiritual mom gave my husband and I a copy of this poem framed for our wedding 11yrs ago and we have been blessed to truly have the Lord at the center. Thank you for sharing. I hope you are enjoying the holidays.

faerieeva said...

Beautiful poem!
My husband and I had a simple and traditional wedding, with traditional vows. The one thing we added was a prayer. Nearly every night, we still say that same prayer together in bed. I firmly believe it helps keep Christ as a center in our marriage.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hi Holli, welcome to my blog. I did not know this poem came in print form. I would love to have it. lol.

Hello faerieeva, it is wonderful to hear you added prayer to your vows, I have never seen that done before. It must have been so beautiful. It is so nice to hear that you and your husband have the same amount of faith. That is such a blessing.

God Bless you both and Merry Christmas!