Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama's distortion of the Bible

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I did a search of Obama and Christianity on youtube and i found this disturbing video. It shows President-Elect Obama quoting scripture to make his point, but if you listen to it, it actually is mockery. There are many Obama/Christian videos out there, search for yourself. I believe the uneducated opinion is truly the most stupid. If you have an opinion about something, good for you, but be educated about it. Your opinion doesn't have to match mine, but you should have facts and reasons behind all of your opinions. I do. It would be ignorant not to.

****The video has the watermark of a website. I do not in ANY way endorse that website. It is not a Christian website at all. It just happens to be the site that hosted this longer version of Obama's speech. I preferred the longer version instead of the shorter version on youtube so that what he says can be taken "in context". I don't believe in taking things out of context just to prove your point.****


LisaShaw said...


I agree about being educated. If you have time please visit my Speak on it with LisaS blog.

I am a firm believer as a Christian that we must live BIBLE SMART and world aware.

I remain prayerful for all leaders in government and in the church.

Bless you my sister in Christ.
Merry Christmas.

Carrie said...


I'm so disappointed I have to call this man my President.

I'm going to say goodbye before I say anything unchristianlike. " )

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

This scares me and my husband. It makes me wonder what kind of world my children will have to grow up in now that he is in power. At least he doesn't have all the power. God DOES.