Thursday, December 4, 2008

My hair!

All my life i was taught to fight my hair. It is my culture to just relax it, to chemically keep it straight. Everyone i know relaxes their hair. There is only one person that i know who doesn't. My godsister. She embraced her curly hair since she was old enough to do it herself. To this day, you will see her with long very curly hair that is halfway down her waist. I never considered it for myself. My mom had me relaxing my hair since i was around 13. I just recently decided that enough was enough. It is past time for a touch up but i just didn't want to do it anymore. I researched ALOT on growing out relaxed hair, and i decided to do it. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! The two different textures of my hair have me so upset. So I decided to buy a home perm kit to curl my hair so that all of my head would be one texture. My husband did it for me.

See exhibit one.
Thats me grinning like a fool because my husband was cracking jokes about my hair the whole time. It took over 3 hours and i was exhausted. But...guess what? It didn't take!!!
My hair is so overwhelmed by the relaxer that it just would not really curl. Only the new growth on the top of my hair kept the perm curls.

So, out of frustration, yesterday in the shower I chopped my hair off. I cut a bunch of the relaxed part away (That is also the advice for people who are "transitioning" from relaxed back to natural hair). I refused to make it short enough for just my new growth to be seen. I will NOT wear an afro. Power to all those women who could pull it off, but that's just not me. So i kept it just long enough that it is somewhat easy to manage (just wash and wear) and it will make the transition less noticeable.

Oh, i forgot to mention that my husband had to rescue me because i made the cut to my hair REALLY uneven. And thanks to him, it also is a bit shorter than i wanted! He thought i wanted to shorten it more than it was, instead of evening it out. So even though it is not the shortest i have had my hair in my lifetime, it is shocking to me. Here is a quick look back at my looks over the years.

So here it is....the new me. Everybody hold their breaths..............Uh, where is the drumroll?


Here we go....the new me:

I know, I know, horrible pictures. Not the hair necessarily, but the way the picture is taken. Too close right? lol. But you can see my curls and i am not going to straighten my hair again, be it by chemicals or flat irons! I am embracing the curl! And surprisingly there are loads of website encouraging the same thing! Not only am I embracing the curl though, since i am not chemically treating it, it will be natural and (hopefully) healthy!


Lainie said...

You are So CUTE!!!!!

I love the curl! I would kill (okay maybe not kill) but would love to have that curl!

Did I mention how cute you are?

And your hubby is such a trooper!

I'm very impressed :)

Carrie said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!! It also makes you look so much younger! Seriously!!

Very very very beautiful! Embrace the curl... heehee that's funny!

I guess that means I must embrace baby-fine, stringy, shows grease by the end of the night, stick-straight!

Joelle said...

Awww! Your curls are beautiful! I've always wanted curly hair. I am more or less jealous, to be brutally honest. But I guess I'll get over it....:)

Kysha said...

I think it's very cute! I whacked my hair off just recently. Yep, did it myself so it looks really bad but I have a plan. LOL I want to grow my perm out and go o-natural. Hope I can stand the process. (sigh)

Brittany said...

Lovely just lovely... i like the curl... i wish i could learn to love my curly hair but it annoys me sometime lol.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hey Lainie, thanks. You make me laugh when you call me cute. It's so funny. lol. My husband enjoyed the whole process. He loves doing things for me when it comes to presentation. lol. Sometimes i even let him shape my eyebrows! (sometimes!)

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Carrie, embrace your hair!! lol. Your hair looks as if it is so versatile that if you dyed it any color it would look awesome. And my hair will get greasy if i put the wrong products in it so you are not the only one!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Kysha- Thats what I'm doing too, growing out the relaxer. If you look carefully, you can see the part of my hair that is still relaxed because the top part has more of a curl/wave. The bottom part, i have to work really hard to keep the curl. But it is much easier now that i cut it. When it was longer it would barely curl at all!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hey Joelle and Brittany, if anything, I'm in envy of anyone who has kept their hair natural. It's been 12 years since i started relaxing my hair and i'm hoping as it grows out that my new natural hair is manageable. I really don't know how my hair will once it really starts growing. And if your curly hair annoys you it just means you've had it for a long time and I wish i had that!

Lisa A. Shaw said...

You look very nice.

It's always good for a change.

I had a hysterectomy back in 1997 and after years of perming my hair it went completely straight from the surgery. My hormones changed. It went so straight that it would not hold a curl from the curling iron or anything else. From 1997 to 2000 I struggled until I found pony tails and hair pieces (as women of color I'm sure you know what I mean (smile)). From there I gratudated to very nice wigs which I love!

My own hair is shoulder length so when I want to just wear a bun I can but if I need a dressy look to minister or go out with hubby I grab one of my wigs. In two minutes I'm done and out the door (smile).

So whatever works for us as women...whatever is easiest and comfortable is always great!

Again, you look very cute and lots of cheers to your husband for his helping you through it all.

LORI said...


Lainie said...

I think my hubby would stroke out if I asked him to do my eyebrows--it would totally stress him out! He would have to read directions and do research--he's a very thorough, planned, not fly by the seat of your pants kinda guy. He leaves that part up to me! LOL I jump right in and ask questions later ;)

I can understand about the hair thing's why I don't color my hair. I just embrace all the gray. I know once I start coloring I won't be able to stop and it's expensive and time consuming.

Can't do it-won't do it. So me? I'm gray and I don't really care. Actually, my hubby likes it so that's good.

I love that you changed your profile picture too. You look very beautiful :)

BTW, I figured I could call you cute because I'm pretty sure I'm lots older than you ;) hee hee

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hi Lori, happy early Christmas!

Laine, age means nothing! lol. I am 25, and my husband is.....wait for it...48! lol. Age means nothing!

Lainie said...

Oh, if I didn't love you before, I totally love you now!!!

I got your email--28? You think I look 28? I could kiss you!!!

Okay, sit down. Are you sitting down?

My birthday is in June. This June I will be...

are you sure you're sitting down?

I'll be 42.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

woah. lol. You don't look 42. Not at all. Your genes are outstanding. lol.

Lainie said...

Oh thanks, I got them at Old Navy!

Just kidding, I know you're talking about genetic material and not blue jeans.

I just had to mess with you since... um... well no good reason other than I'm feeling feisty today LOL

We're off to church--see ya later
(our service is at 5pm)