Friday, November 14, 2008

Is it Christmas yet?

I am in such a mood for Christmas already. I know, it’s barely the end of November. It seems that each year I want Christmas to come sooner and sooner. I’m already yearning to sing Christmas carols and decorate the tree and the house, and wrap presents (The Christmas commercials that are already on the tv doesn't help!). I know, most of it is commercialism, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. When i was growing up, all we knew and practiced the commercialized Christmas. We went to midnight mass only and then it was all about the parties and presents, but it was also great! I say that because my parents were the type who argued alot in their 30-something years of marriage. And Christmas time is one of the only memories where my family genuinely got along. My mother was happy, smiling, COOKING (towards the last years of her life, she gave up cooking meals and when she did cook, she was angry), not yelling at my father or me. She took me out, we went shopping, bonded, and just spent time together. It really was the best times of my childhood. That's why i adore those Christmas shopping traditions. It does not take away from the real meaning of Christmas, the day our Lord Jesus was born, it just adds to it.

Come back soon to see what Christmas layout i choose! I'm even anxious for that to happen!



Joelle said...

Ahhh.... I can't wait for Christmas either. I have been listening to a lot of Christmas songs already, lol.

btw. I have always wondered if I had a long-lost twin somewhere out in the vast world... :) I never thought that I would actually find found me actually.

Carrie said...

I am one of those that require the Christmas stuff to not start until after Thanksgiving. But then, I'm a Christmas-ey FOOL!

Lainie said...

For some reason I am eager for Christmas too! I just finished addressing my Christmas cards and I have already designed my Christmas template which I will "premier" the day after Thanksgiving!!

I'm feeling festive with you!!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Well, hubby wont let me decorate the house or play Christmas music outside my headphones until day after Thanksgiving. That has always been our tradition. But i'm hoarding things to be ready! The kids are doing Christmas crafts and they will go up day after Thanksgiving.