Monday, November 3, 2008

Forcing election vote of my daughter

Oooooh, i am soooooooo mad. I try to control myself but i am completely in shock. My daughter came home from school and she showed me an "I voted" sticker. And the first thing that came out of her mouth was, "I voted for Barack Obama and he won!". Oh man, if steam could come from my ears it would!!!!! Apparently my daughter's school told her who to vote for, or at least whose side to be on. Of course they would choose Obama. I'm not going to lie, the school she goes to is a primarily African American and Carribean school because that is the neighborhood we live in. And I have not met (out of blogland) one single person who was of either race/culture who wasn't voting for him. But they have no right to force something like that on my daughter. I promptly told her, that in her school they might vote for Obama, but in our house we vote for McCain. Again, i'm not going to lie and tell you that my voice didn't raise just a bit when i said it, but I was caught completly by surprise by that one. And it's not the first time I have been surprised by her school. I went to the Christmas show that they held last year (when my daughter was using their Pre-K) and they made a point before the show to tell everyone how Jesus WAS a black man (Emphasis theirs!). Now i am not going to argue about whether Jesus was black, white, orange or whatever. The bible adresses this and if you are obsessed with this issue, go look it up. My point is that they were emphasising race when they SHOULD have been emphasising His love and the truth about salvation. Grade school children should not have race thrown into their face when they should be focusing soley on their Savior's love for them. Grades Pre-K to 8 should not have race issues ingrained into them at this age. They will grow up and face their own issues with race in due time. We shouldn't have them grow with it.

Don't you just LOVE my daughter's school? They love telling our kids what to think....
I can't wait to homeschool!


Carrie said...

Mrs. Bridget, I am sad to say this isn't just the case at your African-American/Carribean school.

The conditioning of our children is alive and well at predominantly white public schools as well! I saw it many times with my stepson at a public school in Ann Arbor and is a VERY big part of the reason I am considering homeschooling as well. I don't really want to de-program my children every night when they come home!!

There are so many people out there that want racism to end, yet they perpetrate it by emphasizing race. And, you are SO right, the color of Jesus's skin has absolutely no business whatsoever in a children's program.

Anyway, I am always happy to find other McCain supporters out here in the blogosphere!

Lainie said...

You guys are isn't Jesus' skin color that was the color of His blood that He shed for us. It was red and there was lots of it.

Bridget I'm praying for you! Thank you for your boldness to choose a man that came near to dying for his country and modeling the very basic foundation of the Christian life.

Tomorrow should be interesting...

heresmycuplord said...

Well mom, It's never too late to start. You can begin homeschooling whenever YOU feel His leading, and may I just say, I stand with you. The focus should be on His love! Cast that vote today as He leads and trust in Him.

You may even want to stop by our blogs too. My sister and I are starting a new meme called The Daily Mercies on Sundays. Check us out, and pass along if you want.

You may even want to leave a comment, or post with us soon.

Hope we see you,
Ginger (and my sister Rena)
Rena is at:

You'll find me again in closing. Remember, I lovvvveeee cofffeee...ha!

Thanks sister and have a very blessed day... hey, week even! Ha!

Lisa A. Shaw said...

I'm new to your blog and I appreciate your directness as a fellow Christian woman, wife, mother and I'm also a grand mother and I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Did I add that I'm a black woman? Yes.

I don't have little ones at home any more. I have an adult daughter who has two precious little girls and I have a teen daughter who is at home but my husband and I did not have to deal with a lot of the things that are going on today in the schools. The school teacher does not have a right to impose upon your daughter who she is to vote for. Our teen daughter is the only one in her high school that voted for McCain she said. She took a lot of heat for it here in Orlando where the school is predominately hispanic with black, white and asian mixed in. She stood her ground as they know she is as Christian and she is fortunate that many of them come to my daughter for counsel and they respect her so when they found out her parents were not voting Obama they began to jeer at her and tease but she stood on the Word and told them, "It's not about him being black it's about me being a Christian". We were very proud of her!

I'm sure you've already done this but help your precious little girl to understand the values in which you and your husband live by so that she too can hold her head high and make sound decisions even when it's not popular. I realize right now she is so very young to have to deal with that but as she gets older she will stand strong.

I did not home school our children but I believe that it's something each parent has the right to do if they choose to. If you can do it and you desire to then go for it prayerfully and move as the LORD leads you. I'm sure everything will work out fine. You have beautiful children.

I see you are from Brooklyn. I was born and raised in Queens. When I got married I moved to New Jersey then in Virginia for 10 yrs and now in Florida for 2 yrs. I hope this is it. We've moved 7 times in the many years we've been married and we're not even a military family (smile).

God bless you all. I'll be reading your other posts.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hey Laine, Carrie, it's good to see you on my blog. You guys encourage me so much. You know it is so funny, i never thought my daughter would be facing racial propaganda in grade school and never against the Lord.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Welcome to my blog Ginger and Lisa, nice to meet you. Ginger- we know we want to homeschool, but the timing is a bit wrong as i am still working. We are trying to fix the situation for me to stay home again.
I am also still trying to get prepared for it. I'm not going to announce my intent to homeschool to the board of ed and then not be ready. lol.

Lisa-I was born and raised in Jackson Heights ,Qns. But i moved to Brooklyn a few years ago. I am hoping the Lord can move us back to Queens. And eventually, out of New York. We were thinking Arizona, Colorado, or Virginia.

I will pray for your daughter. High school is rough enough without being the minority in what you believe!

God Bless you all and come again soon.

Lisa A. Shaw said...

Thank you for praying for our teen daughter and please know that I had prayed for your family as soon as I visited your blog. I'm sure the Holy Spirit will bring all of you to my heart again and again for prayer.

**I was raised in St. Albans, Queens. Moved out to Hempstead Long Island for High School and then all the other places I mentioned.

I'm sure the LORD will move you and your family to where is best for you. We lived 10 years in Virginia but I'm unfamiliar with Colorado and Arizona. I will tell you that Virginia has changed a lot over the time frame from when we moved to when we left. It's far more liberal now then when we moved there originally. We lived in Virginia Beach and then in Chesapeake. I will say that we were a part of an awesome church in Norfolk, Virginia. I'm sure wherever is best is where the LORD will move you. I really am enjoying Florida which surprised me a lot but the weather and scenery is beautiful.

Take care and good speaking to you. I'll revisit soon.