Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coughs, and Croup, and Fever..Oh My! PART 3???!!!???

My father always says that bad things come in threes. I never really believed that, but he seems kinda right on that one now. Aside from the flu, and the asthma and all that i got PINK EYE!!!!!!! The reason i wasn't on before and really why i shouldn't be on the pc now is cause it's really contagious and i don't want my hubby getting it cause he uses the pc just as much as i do! So far my kids don't have it and my son is over the flu but i got a note from his school saying that pink eye is spreading in his school too. I am on eyedrops that burn when i put them in, antibiotics, new asthma medicine and something that is supposed to clear up all the mucus in my chest that makes it hurt when i cough (sorry for the gory details!). I'm so drugged up i feel like a pharmacy! I did manage to go to work for one night and it was a night of hell. I coughed the whole night through and blew my nose between typing. Then i went to the doctor and he yelled at me for going to work for that one day because i had pneumonia once and could have gotten it again. I have to stay home now for a week as per his instructions. My job was not happy about that! And the worse part of all of this is that i can't taste anything! :(
I eat but i can't really taste so it's not enjoyable for me and i am still kinda nauseous too. And food is my favorite hobby! lol.
Hopefully i'll be 100% before Thanksgiving. We are planning on visiting my favorite aunt who i have only seen a few times in the past 2 years (since my mom died actually) and we are really looking forward to getting back together with the family. If i am still sick i can't go since there are LOTS of children under 10 who will be there. Please pray i get better and that my hubby and kids don't get it!


Joelle said...

When I saw that you had a part three my gladness immediately fell. This is just wrong! I can't express how much I feel for you. You should see my face right now....it's twisted in several knots of sympathy. I'm still praying!

Brittany said...

Praying for you to get healthy again and for your family to not get it !!! :)