Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things i missed posting

All this hullaballo has distracted me from blogging about 2 things that i wanted to mention.
First of all, on election day, November 4th was my son's 4th birthday!!! He's growing up so much. We didn't have a party. Just us and them, as we usually do. He opened up presents, but we couldn't sing happy birthday. Every time we tried he would scream "no!" There was no cake because my son is highly allergic to dairy and nuts and i couldn't find a vegan bakery near us.
All in all, he was happy.

Second I just purchased a magazine that you all should read. It's called Seasons At Home. It is a homemaking magazine that has tips, stories, recipes, resources and wonderful pictures and illustrations.


Carrie said...

Happy birthday little man!

Going to check out the link now!

Lainie said...

Happy Birthday! I promise not to sing... unless you're needing rain out there! LOL

Lainie said...

I just saw the pictures on the side!!! You have the cutest kids! I wanna squish their cheeks!

Oh, mine used to be that little, sniff, it goes by really fast. Enjoy them...

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Thanks you guys. Yeah the pic is one of my favs, but a it's from last year. I still have to upload more recent pictures.

Carrie said...

I always forget to subscribe to your comments, so I have to go back in and see what you wrote in response!

To answer your question about how many posts you've written, when you're signed in, go to the folder "Postings" and then click "Edit Posts." Over on the right, you'll see "Your posts: All, Drafts, Scheduled, Imported, Published." Click on "Published" and you will see a 1 - _____. The blank is your number of posts! Email me if you have trouble finding it.

oikology101 at gmail dot com

BTW, the cranberry salsa is interesting. It isn't my favorite, but it isn't gross!