Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Homeschool curriculum

I know i am not ready to homeschool my daughter just yet. I have to first return to being a stay at home mom! But when that DOES happen and the final decision is made to homeschool, what curriculums are out there? Which lessons do i follow? I haven't found much in the way of an explanation of this part of homeschooling. I want to be prepared. Especially since my daughter is having trouble in school. She is getting picked on and I keep getting reports that she doesn't want to work, only play. She's only 5 years old. I don't know what to do, she's still a baby, of COURSE she just wants to play!


Marsha said...

Hi Bridgett,

I home schooled my 1st grader for half the school year last year. I just bought one of those big 1st grade curriculum books from Sams club that had everything he should learn from writing, reading, science and math. We also invested in Hooked on Phonics products. Wal mart had an excellent math phonics for k through 5. I do not know if your city has a yahoo group called free cycle, but you might want to look into it as well. I was able to get a free hooked on phonics for reading that way. They also have them on ebay. And I bought some items from This lady has homeschooled all her children and has wonderful christian resources. Good luck with all this. And tell the teacher it is normal for a kindergarten to want to play. They are still little children just learning different routines. My sister in law had this same issue with one of her children. She is now a lovely 14 year old very successful in high school.

Christy said...

I found your blog through Goggle reader. I have been homeschooling our boys for 9 years.

One of the places I go when I am researching curriculum is

The suggestion that I give to all new homeschoolers is that the first year they buy a packaged curriculum. Usually, all the lesson plans will be laid out and it will be grade appropriate. Most of them have placement tests that you can administer to make sure the grade she should be in.
An example of a well-known, proven curriculum would be ABeka.

Another suggestion that I have seen for kids who have been in school, is that you take one month for every year they were in school to "de-school."

And of course check on your states laws regarding homeschooling. you can find a quick reference at

You're welcome to email me, with any questions. hsplanners at gmail dot com.

Courtney said...

I feel so bad for kids now. Kindergarten is like the military. They expect 5 year olds to sit in a chair for hours and be quiet and if they dont then they are odd and have ADD or some other attention problem. They are 5 and they still want to run and play. I think the strive to better our education system is actually hurting our kids. It is making them hate school at an early age instead of making them love to learn. I applaud your wanting to home school!

Carrie said...

I am definitely considering homeschooling, but I have a lot more time to think about it!

There's a really nice woman out there in the blogosphere who homeschools and blogs about homeschooling here. She's super nice and I bet if you left her some comment love, she'd answer some questions for you!!

Frannie Farmer said...

Of course she still wants to play - it is hard that they make Kindergarten the no-fun zone now ... especially for kids who did not go to pre-school. Mind did and they still had a hard time adjusting to the rigidity of K & 1st grade.
Bless you though if you can homeschool. I know I couldn't and wish that I could.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

But her school is a Christian school, so i thought it was great. But there are other things about that school that I don't agree with either,like the fact that they place a lot of emphasis on Jesus's race. I believe it takes away from the message of what He did for us. But i thought this would be much better for her than public school.

Kysha said...

Thanks for stopping by. Some children can be so cruel. I hate that your dd is experiencing it. Hope all goes well. You can get some info from
They have a wonderful forum and a list of curriculum reviews. Successful is another great one.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

I couldn't get into, but seems like a nice site. Thanks for the resources.

Lainie said...

Hi Bridgett,

The world of home school curriculum can be a very overwhelming, scary place!

Thankfully early in my searching/ praying about home schooling someone gave me a book that made the simplest of suggestions. It was so simple but it never occurred to me to do it. What is it, you ask?

Write an educational goal statement for your child.

I thought, "A what?"

Simple write down what you would like for your child to learn.

Once you know where you want to go, finding a curriculum is pretty easy. You're not swayed by all the cool things everyone says you and your child have to have or need.

Funny though, once hubby and I wrote the goals for our children down we realized there wasn't anything on there about grades or awards. We were more interested in their character and love for Jesus and His Word.

There is only one curriculum that we could find, anywhere, that truly used God's Word as it's core AND the only curriculum that if you follow the plan and take up through high school, the only one, where your child will read the bible from beginning to end. Every single verse.

I don't fret about curriculum anymore because education isn't curriculum.

Curriculum is simple a tool to help you achieve a goal.

Sorry about the soap box, I'm getting down now. I don't want you to be sorry you stopped by and saw my new faucet.


Christian said...

I didn't read the other comments, so maybe someone already suggested this..."The Well Trained Mind" by Suasn Wise-Bauer. I had no idea where to begin, and this book starts at pre-school and moves you right through. I don't think everything in the book is spot on, but it was so very helpful for getting my bearings.

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I have to agree with what Lainie said- decide what your educational goals are and use those goals as a jumping off point.

When you take your goals and look at your child's learning style and your family's routine/living style, it will help you eliminate curriculum that does not fit your family.

One of my first introductions to homeschooling was by a working mom! She taught her children in the morning and worked afternoons/late evenings. It was challenging for her, but it worked.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

I'll look up the book, thanks Christian.

Right now my goals with my daughter are 1)for her to be where she should be academically and not fall behind (she has trouble with her words and letters-her father is dyslexic, i'm afraid she might have it too)

2)For her to always have the Lord in her studies. (Mixing Christian curriculum so she always has her foundation and so she sees how the Lord has a hand in EVERYTHING)

3)For her to be able to socialize (which means me being able to find groups for her to be with, besides the crazies at the local park).

So far that all I can think of.

My son is not a concern right now, he goes to special ed but he can label almost all his letters (he just turned 4).

Julie said...

The best thing about homeschooling in Elementary school is being able to have fun and making learning fun. If we can accomplish that in the early years the later years are a lot easier. I have personally seen it in some of my own homeschool mentors.
Our emphasis with our kids right now is teaching them HOW TO learn. We read alot. I have them pick out one subject a month to really really focus on. We get books from the library, learn things about it online, play games, do crafts.. my oldest can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about sharks. LOL
I am going to blog a little about our homeschool ang curriculum today and next week if you are interested.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Thanks Julie. I really think the Lord is leading us to homeschool, but we have to wait on God's timing. I feel if we rush it, we will thwart God's blessing and plans. It is so hard to wait for God's timing isn't it?