Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Wow, you really ARE a homemaker"

Well, i havent worn pants in a few weeks now, choosing only to wear skirts and dresses. I know there are many sites that promote this and many sites that say it's legalistic. I'm not getting into that, it's my personal choice and my personal conviction. I believe that you will not go to hell if you wear pants, as long as you have Jesus as your Savior. Anyway. The whole point is, I changed to wearing the uniform skirt rather than the pants at my job, and one of the women supervisors looked at me, and said. "Wow, you really ARE a homemaker". I smiled and very happily said "Thank you so much!" It was then i realized that she didn't mean that as a compliment....

What's wrong with being "homey"?

Another instance:

I asked my coworker if she had the financial means, would she be a stay at home mom. Her answer was a resounding, "Hell yeah!". So I said, well would you wear aprons and such! Her enthusiasm was just as intense when she said "Hell no!".

What is it? What is wrong with wearing aprons, and being feminine and being a homemaker and being a loving wife and mom?

Why do women think that we are taking a step back if we do this? Those two women i mentioned have NEVER worn a skirt at work, and dress rather manly in their appearance actually. Not that i am picking on them, but it is the way they choose to express their personality. And so not that any questions are raised, they are both straight.

But I think their opions are the leading opinions of working women in America. I don't care if you don't wear an apron and such, but don't look down on me because i always loved them and always loved to be feminine and such!!!!


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