Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things that drive me crazy!

I saw a post a few days ago on Still His Girl about pet peeves. Things that drive you crazy. I can think of a few of those!

1. People who cut their nails in public! ( I was on the Long Island Rail Road and the person one seat behind me was clipping their nails and all i kept thinking was "What if one flies over the seat to me!!!! I changed seats.) Ewwww.

2. People reading over my shoulder (my husband hates this so much too that I, the woman of his dreams can't even do it!!!)

3. People who watch me crochet as if it is something completely foreign.

4. Dogs off the leash on the sidewalk.

5. People who comment on how you should do your children's hair or dress them.

6. People telling you what you "have to do".

7. People who cut into a conversation between two people as if they were involved in the first place.

8. People who call you with their numbers blocked (If you know my number, I should be able to know yours. You are not that special.) .

9. Leaving the water running whether in our home or in a public restroom (If you can turn it on you can turn it off).

10. Not flushing the toilet in a public bathroom (OMGosh!!! All you nasty women are just disgusting!!! If you use it, flush it!!!!!!!)

11. Men who have no respect for women.

12. "I'm better than you" attitudes.

13. Boys/men who wear their pants so low in public you can see their underwear.

14. Parents who don't watch their young children in public and let them just wander around without noticing.

15. People who tell you that you shouldn't have any more children.

16. The way that my husband's lips can't touch the cup he is drinking out of (This is more hilarious than peeving but i just had to put it!!!).



Flip Flop Floozie said...

Bridget...dont let these bugs stop you...It is a beautiful city downtown Savannah. Come in about February or March. The flowers are coming out and it is beautiful..NO matter where you live there is something that you just dont care for...No place is perfect YET!! We wait for Heaven


maryanne420 said...

hi bridget!

thank you for visiting my blog! i agree with you on a lot of things that you listed. cutting toe nails or fingernails in public is just gross!

what church do you go to. i have a lot of friends in new york.

Bridget said...

I go to the Church of the Revelation the the Bronx. But i love visiting new churches. One of my fav's is Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Always good to have new bloggy friends.

That is funny about your hubbie not touching cups when he drinks. You definitely need to take a pic of that and post it for next WW.

Kimberly said...

Too funny! I am still trying to figure out how your husband drinks like that! :)

Oh, and on your other post, I would love to find dresses like that, too! :)

Bridget said...

LOL! When my husband saw that i posted about his drinking, he won't drink around me! He keeps thinking i'll try to take a picture (which i will try to do!)I'll have to wait till his guard is down!

Jyl- I've never done a Wordless wed, it seems that would be the perfect pic!

Kimberly-If you find places to buy dresses like that, let me know! If all else fails, i'll have to learn to sew and just make one!

Joy said...

I'm with you on the nail clipping thing. Last month I was in a store shopping and there was a lady talking on her phone, sitting on a chair for sale and clipping her nails. I thought to myself, "Who does she think is going to clean up after her?" I'm sure the employees weren't too happy either. No one could look at the chair she was sitting on and now it had her DNA all over it. ;~)

Bridget said...

Lol, maybe she thought they had a DNA cleaner in the store!
How gross.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Don't let it drive you tooo crazy! Thx 4 visiting. I love drinking a cup of coffee while watching a good movie! Ginger

Carrie said...

My sister does the no lip touching thing also!! But only with soda pop. Cups are fine, bottles are fine, but soda pop?? I am such a spaz, there's no way I could ever do that! I already spill stuff all over myself all the time!

Bridget said...

Your sis and my hubby should make a no lip-touching club. lol. He wont do it in front of me now. It's mostly when he drinks soda too! How weird.

Megan said...

You totally made me laugh, with that "all you nasty women are disgusting". haha I feel the same way... you should see how nasty the women I work with leave the lounge (break room). Makes me wonder what their homes look like! Anyways, I especially agree with the one about people telling you not to have more children. My mother-in-law does this all the time to me. And full-on lectures me about her reasons. It's a good thing that I love her to pieces, otherwise I just wouldn't put up with it! (Ugh, it does just IRK ME!!!!!!! The nerve, hah!?!)

thanks for the little laugh!