Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some pictures of my kids

Both of them had fun outside, these two pics were taken yesterday at the park.

My daughter is "very cool". :)

My daughter is only partially happy to go to school.

My son in good spirits after he was in the hospital with low glucose levels.

Look at how my son is sleeping! Look at his hands! This was taken a few months ago, when
he was still drinking juice from his wretched bottle!!!!


Carrie said...

HOLEY MOLEY! Those are some stinkin' cute midgets!!!

Bridget said...

Yea they get their looks from their daddy. I was just the oven, all his bun.

Oldqueen44 said...

Beautiful smiles and awesome eyes to match. Thanks for stopping by.

Megan said...

Oh your kiddies are SO cute! Gorgeous, actually!!! You are so funny, "wretched" bottle. But, I KNOW. My 2-year-old started wanting bottles again when the baby started drinking them. Now I"m trying to get the baby on sippy cups so I don't have to deal with the toddler's pleas! (I know, backwards thinking)

P.S. About the co-sleeping-- all I can say is that I LOVED it when my babies slept next to me, so precious, but after a while our backs would start getting sore from the crazy sleep-positions, and then I couldn't wait to get them out. It was easy with my 1st but really hard with my 2nd. I think every kid is just so different

Thanks for the sweet comment over at my little blog.

Bridget said...

Thanks old queen, they get their looks from their daddy. :)

Bridget said...

Megan, The co-sleeping was fine till they got big. My husband sleeps in THEIR room cause they take up so much room in our bed. I like that they are so warm tho! :P

The bottle was a horrible uphill battle. He had it up until a few months ago. He had to have his front teeth removed because of it!!!!