Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ya know i have been wondering about the whole homeschooling movement. I have a pen pal out of state who does it and i hear lots of stories about how wonderful it is and how the children who are homeschooled come out of it more intellectually strong as apposed to school-taught children. But i live in New York. My church is quite "liberal" if you must call it something. If i brought up homeschooling, i'm pretty sure i'd get a full range of responses that most likely would include laughter, and questions making me doubt myself about ever even considering it.

A point against it i know is the financial toll not working will do to my family. But here is the thing. My husband is looking at a job prospect that would financially be wonderful for my family and i wont have to even work. If it is God's will, he WILL get that job and i can do what i really want to do. Stay home with my children and seriously look into homeschooling.

Another question i have about it, is the legal part of it. My daughter is already attending a school (It's a christian school! Yeeeaahhh!!) and i wouldnt know how to make this move go smoothly with the board of education.

All this opposition makes me rethink this.....I need to pray.
But then again..Don't we all?


Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (the 9-11 post). I do homeschool and I would be happy to provide you with some resources that could help you in your decision.

You might find my post on why I choose to homeschool helpful (or at least insightful) as well.

=) Blessings!

Bridget said...

You and another woman are trying to show me how i can transition to homeschooling and i really appreciate it. But who can help me with the anxiety of it?? lol. I guess that's God's job. :)
I really appreciate the help tho!
I will definitely look into it.

Anonymous said...
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